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We are strong


Whatever its you are going through, wheter it is physical or emotional pain, this is the decree of the most high. We many not all look same, or be related but we all bleed the same. .
As a woman, life always sets us a challenge, but believe it or not, this is a test from Our God. .
We are strong, we can tolerate pain no matter how much we think we can't, we can. No matter how close we have come to giving up, we get up and try for the sake of Allah. .
A woman is not weak at all, she puts up with all that life throws at her just for sake keeping her family together. .
Dont give up. Wouldn't you one day want to be sitting with Khadijah, Maryam, Fatimah and all of these beautiful women? May Allah grant us the chance to be with these beautiful women, forever.



Nimas Achsani
Nimas Achsani Parenting, pernikahan, finansial dan gaya hidup

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